Sunday, August 22, 2010

Time management

I think of myself as someone that uses time management skills. This has been a excellent example of what not to do in order to get things accomplished. Monday I had a mirgrain headache so I stayed home from work and did not complete unit 3 until minutes before I had to start my 1 hour commute. Friday I scheduled off because I was working on Saturday so I did not start unit 4 I was goingto finish most of it on Friday and then Sunday. My sister called to say that she would be out of town for the week end and if I wanted some extra money that I could clean her house on Friday. Still I would have time to get some class work in. Then around 11:00 on Friday I received a call from my job asking if I wanted to make up some of the hours missed on Monday, of course I said yes. Unfortunately I did not get finished with my sisters house and thought that I would do that after work on Friday. That of course that did not happen and I had to go Saturday after work at 6:00 to finish and I pulled a muscle in my back trying to hurry and get the floor mopped. Today, Sunday, I have tried so hard to get started on my class work and simply could not think I was soo tired. Finally I took a nap and feel much better now and getting in the groove now that it is 9:00p.m. Oh well it sounds like an all nighter!
I know not to commit every minute of my time and I need to remind myself what is most important and stick to it.

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