Monday, August 16, 2010

Thesis research

Normally I like to do research. In fact I get so caught up in the articles that the searches produce that I sometimes stray from my topic. As you know when you do not stay focused, you are late completing your task. Since I do not have much time before the deadline which if Tuesday @11:59p.m., now is a great time to write down my key search words and if the information does not fit move on. I guess I could save the information in acticles that I will not be using to read later. Like that is gonna happen! As you can see I have lost my focus agin. Well time to get back to the work at hand.

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  1. Hello Sylvette. I too get distracted in my research sometimes. In Comp 1 I had a really hard time putting things together and I was terribly unorganized. I have decided this term to keep my work organized and it has been tough. One of the tough parts is to stick to my points I want to make in my essay. I had to sit down and write the research questions that we spoke about in seminar last week. This helped me to stay on focus as to what I was looking for to say in my thesis. Hope this can help you too.